Why travel with Jamming Thailand?

Travelling to a completely new destination can be as daunting as it is exciting. But when you choose Jamming Thailand Tours you can leave all your worries at home. Our experienced and knowledgeable Tour guides will expertly handle everything for you. Right from your tour itineraries to sharing information about your destination and imparting fascinating insights along the way. All to ensure you get the very best, least stressed and most relaxed holiday experience possible.

Is this trip for me?

Choose Jamming Thailand Tours and you will experience some of the best attractions in Thailand, from breathtaking scenery and fascinating cities to history,  culture while you indulge in wonderful local cuisine during your travels. If you take one of our holidays your comfort and enjoyment will be our top priority. With that in mind, we have handpicked some of the finest hotels across Thailand.

See the land of smiles with us


Patnaree Wangchagone (Jam)


Jam graduated in Tourism, early on she realized that was an area that fascinated her. She studied and has worked in many countries besides Thailand, like Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom… among others. Those experiences have allowed her to get to know many different Tourism departments, from hotels to aviation.

She founded Jamming Thailand 7 years ago along with a group of tour guide friends with their local knowledge and experience, you will be able to discover Thailand in a variety of ways. Our aim is to share with you the more subtle aspects of Thai culture and show you areas most tourists never see.




Ex has been a tour leader for Jamming Thailand since 2011, he really enjoys showing people all the great things about the country. He loves traveling and meeting new people so it is the perfect job for him.
Thailand has so much character; its traditional cultures and customs give it a unique identity.

Ex said “Thailand is famous for its food, in particular, seafood which is delicious – especially when cooked in the Thai way. You can look forward to meeting lots of friendly locals, seeing some fascinating sights and learning about old traditions on your tour. Just turn up and let us show you the very best sights!”


Lek Naran


Lek has been a Tour Assistant for Jamming Thailand since 2017 and likes that he getting to meet lots of different people from around the world and learning so much about their homes and lives. Lek loves being able to travel around my country and telling people all about it.

His best tips for Thailand are to come with an open mind and make the most of every minute. From Thailand, you can expect fantastic landscapes and friendly locals. When he’s not guiding tours he likes to meet up with friends in a local Karaoke bar where the food is delicious and the company is great.


Oil Ratchawan


Amp Panida has worked as a flight attendant visiting many places and found out her biggest passion, to travel! Whenever it’s possible she puts her backpack on and go explore even more countries. She is an adventurer by nature and is up to any challenge.

Amp Panida said: “Helping customers get to the right tour or holiday is a really satisfying feeling. My focus is to make sure that my team delivers a great experience. We don’t treat people as numbers we treat them as individuals and make sure we get things right for the first time.”